Our Founder’s Mission:

Simple Science was founded on the belief that keeping a clean, healthy home shouldn’t mean exposure to harsh chemicals.

The inspiration for our brand, CleanSmart, and also the moment that ignited a revolution in safe and powerful cleaning for healthier environments, began a few years ago when I was out to dinner with our young granddaughter. Like all kids, she was bold and eager. She was simultaneously hungry to take on the world but also terrified of it, looking to me, her first line of defense, before she opened her mouth and devoured life.

She ate her meal like any kid would. Ketchup everywhere, licking her fingers. She’d drop a French Fry on the restaurant table, pick it up, and eat it. 

When the family next to us finished their meal and left, an employee came to spray and wipe down the table. The wet mist from the cleaning solvent floated our way, landing on our table and our food. The fumes that followed pierced our sensitive nostrils. Our granddaughter’s eyes watered. 

At first I thought something was terribly wrong. I asked the employee what he was using to wipe down the table. He showed me a very commonly-used cleaning product, something I even kept at home under our sink. 

How much residue from this product was now on the French fry our granddaughter had swallowed moments earlier? 

Alarmed, I went home and read labels. Right next to barely pronounceable and completely incomprehensible words like “2-Butoxyethanol” and “Perchlorothylene” were the clear warnings toxic, dangerous for children, and hazardous to humans. 

Of course, we all want to live in an environment that is safe, free from deadly bacteria and viruses like streptococcus, Ebola, and salmonella. But at what cost? It felt like we were trading one health risk for another, potentially deadly health risk. There had to be a better way.

Our previous business had been in the food service industry where we were aware of a disinfectant so strong it is proven to kill 99.9% of all dangerous bacteria, including the most resistant strains. Yet as powerful as it is, because of its simple ingredients, it is also completely safe and non-toxic to humans. 

Powerful. Safe. 

I knew I had to find a way to make this formulation available to, and affordable for, mothers, children, families — EVERYONE! — because there is no reason we humans should have to combat dangerous with toxic.  

I invested in the technology and kept the mission alive through long and difficult years of product testing, regulatory compliance, and government approvals. 

The initial result of that commitment is that we are the first company to bring to consumers an affordable, completely effective defense against dangerous germs that is also safe for all of us. 

Most of all our children. 

Yet, as our company further developed the science behind our products, we discovered many opportunities for healthy, healing innovations and benefits far beyond our original goal. 

This is just the beginning of the revolution. 

Our granddaughter is now grown, a healthy young woman out in the world on her own. I assume she no longer eats french fries off restaurant table tops. 

But she could if she wanted to.  

~ Cheryl O’Shaughnessy, Founder


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Science Behind
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