CleanSmart Skin Cleanser

Won't Dry or Irritate Skin

CleanSmart alcohol-free hand cleanser is the perfect way to keep your family protected, at home or on the go. The same chemistry as our other products, it is made with Hypochlorous, which means never harsh ingredients like alcohol, Triclosan and BZK, so it's completely safe for the whole family to use. Great for use when soap and water isn't an option.

  • Great for sensitive hands with eczema, cracks, or irritations
  • Won't cause contact dermatitis. (Online reviews & blogs discuss it helping relieve skin irritations as with Eczema, Dermatitis, rashes. CleanSmart chemistry is approved by the FDA for the use of minor skin irritations.)
  • Not sticky, fragrance free, naturally moisturizing, pH balanced
  • Cleanses away germs on skin
  • Protection from cold and flu season
  • 100% baby, family, senior safe

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  • “I am an Elementary School Teacher for students who have Autism and I have been using CleanSmart in my classroom since last year. I LOVE this product!! My students are not big fans of sanitizer with alcohol in it and they will use CleanSmart with no problems. Great stuff!!”
    - Online Review

  • “I bought this for my daughter who has eczema. In the winter, the skin on her hands flares, and rubbing alcohol-based sanitizer into her wounds was downright painful. We have been using it for a month, and her skin looks wonderful. I wish I had found this sooner!”
    - Online Review
  • “My husband and I swear by this stuff.”

    “While we originally got it for our always-into-something (now) 16 month old, we love it too. We love that it's safe and there no alcohol in it; and the fact that it's in a spray bottle makes it so convenient! I keep bottles everywhere so I'm never without it!”
    - Online Review

CleanSmart Antimicrobial Skin
and Hand Cleanser provides
alcohol-free protection for use in:


In Schools
& Offices

While On
The Go

At Home and During
Cold & Flu Season
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The Science Behind
Science Behind
CleanSmart's Hypochlorous based products kill germs using simple ingredients and really smart science.

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