Hand Cleanser

Clean Hands to Keep You Healthy

CleanSmart ionizing hand cleanser is the perfect way to keep
your family's hands clean this cold and flu season. The same
product as our hand sanitizer, it leaves out harsh ingredients
like alcohol, triclosan and BZK, so it's completely safe for the whole
family to use. Great for use on the go or when soap and water
isn't an option.

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Powered by Hypochlorous,
CleanSmart Hand Cleansers provide
alcohol free cleaning great for use in:


In Schools
& Offices

While On
The Go

At Home and During
Cold & Flu Season
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Use Arrows To Navigate Between Product Labels

CleanSmart's Convenience:
Don't Just Clean, CleanSmart

About CleanSmartSee creative uses for CleanSmart disinfectants  that turn disinfecting into an easy, everyday occurrence.
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CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.9% of germs without the use of harmful chemicals.Buy Now