Q: What is CleanSmart made with? Is there bleach or chlorine in it?
Answer: The ONLY ingredients that go into making CleanSmart are water and a little salt. Nothing else. No bleach or chlorine is used to produce CleanSmart products. Instead, we create a pure form of Hypochlorous through a mixture of water and sodium chloride (also known as table salt). An ionizing process turns these two simple ingredients into Hypochlorous.
Q: How do you open the 16oz. bottles?
Answer: There is a little wheel with notches at the very top of the sprayer column, under the arc of the sprayer at the top. It should have a little arrow sticker that points to the wheel. Turn that wheel and the sprayer will then spray.
Q: Can I add anything to CleanSmart?
Answer: No. And please don’t add oils or soaps or water or anything. The wonder of CleanSmart is that it cleans and sanitizes with only its simple natural ingredients, just like in human bodies. However, that simplicity means CleanSmart wants to 'do its job' and then become pure saline water. So if you add anything, or switch bottles, or even leave the cap off for periods, it will interact with it, and then the efficacy of the product will start to go away.
Q: How do I know it kills germs?
Answer: CleanSmart is registered with the EPA, the agency that regulates germ-killing products. In order to be registered, CleanSmart has proven to the EPA that it kills bacteria, viruses, fungus, colds, flu and many other germs.
Q: How do I know it’s safe?
Answer: All safety claims are strictly regulated by the EPA. The remarkable fact that CleanSmart can be used on a pacifier with no need to rinse it off, is only allowed after an extensive review by scientists at the EPA. That is why other disinfectants don’t make these claims, they are prohibited from doing so... but CleanSmart has been approved.
Q: Where else is Hypochlorus used?
Answer: Hypochlorous is remarkable because of its worry free germ killing properties. It's been used for years to mist fruits and vegetables in your grocery store to safely eliminate bacteria and keep produce fresh. The ingredient is also used on patients with serious open wounds to keep those wounds germ free. CleanSmart is the first to take this technology and bring it into homes for worry free disinfecting.
Q: Can CleanSmart products be transferred to another bottle?
Answer: Please only use CleanSmart packaging for CleanSmart products. Although our packaging looks simple, there are special attributes to it that keep CleanSmart effective for the full life of the product. We can only guarantee CleanSmart when used as directed, and in its intended packaging. Also, nothing can be added to CleanSmart.
Q: How long does it take to kill germs?
Answer: CleanSmart kills 99.9% of bacteria in 60 seconds. If there is a lot of food or dirt you will need to let it sit longer, just follow label directions.
Q: Is CleanSmart safe for the environment?
Answer: You can’t get more eco-friendly than CleanSmart. The ingredients are simple; it starts out as just pure saline water, with zero additives. Then through very smart science, it’s electrically charged and converted to Hypochlorous. Then after CleanSmart is used, it dissolves back to its original state, just the pure saline water. There is no chemical residue left at all, just the saline water.
Q: Does CleanSmart contain any fragrance or dyes?
Answer: CleanSmart does not have any fragrances, perfumes or dyes in it.
Q: Does CleanSmart smell like anything?
Answer: Some people note that CleanSmart gets a very light scent from the Hypochlorous. The scent can best be described as being similar to a swimming pool.
Q: Does CleanSmart contain any allergens or asthma triggers?
Answer: CleanSmart does NOT contain either allergens or asthma triggers, and therefore is very useful around asthmatics. Families with asthma need to clean often to control mold, a known asthma trigger.
Q: What should we know about using CleanSmart around babies?
Answer: CleanSmart is approved for use in neonatal care units at hospitals — with no rinsing required. From pacifiers to high chairs, CleanSmart is the Worry Free way to clean and disinfect around babies.
Q: What’s in CleanSmart that makes it so different?
Answer: CleanSmart uses Hypochlorous, which is the remarkable germ-killing agent. Doctors have used Hypochlorous for years for various germ fighting. What you may not know is Hypochlorous is actually produced by the human body to fight infection. CleanSmart uses simple ingredients and really smart science to replicate this same Hypochlorous.
Q: Whats the difference between your products?
Answer: There is no difference in the solution bottled in CleanSmart products. Our products are packaged in a variety of bottles and sprayer types in order to optimize specific uses. You will notice different claims on our packages because surface cleaners are regulated by the EPA and topical products regulated by the FDA. Depending on the end use, there are different regulations on what we can say about the products.
Q: Where can I buy CleanSmart in stores?
Answer: A full list of stores carrying CleanSmart can be found using the search below. If you would like more information about the specific products carried at each location, feel free to give them a call or write to us here.
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