One of the best things about the CleanSmart team is the passion that every single employee brings to the office every day.  We have different backgrounds and different reasons for believing in CleanSmart, but the constant is that we all believe in the importance of eliminating the use of harmful chemicals when disinfecting.  One of those perspectives is our Director of Marketing, Tatum Marinkovich’s.  Today, on World Prematurity day, she shares what CleanSmart means to her as a mom to a son who was born nearly 4 months premature and continues to struggle w/ chronic lung disease.

I didn’t always think about how I killed germs.  I was thoughtful about which products I brought into my home, however, because everyone in my immediate family and friends enjoyed good health, disinfecting wasn’t my focus when I cleaned my home.

When my son was born weighing 1 lb 12 oz and came home on oxygen after 6 months in the NICU, the products I used to clean my home suddenly became very important.  Having a child with chronic lung disease in the house, meant that a minor cold for most people, meant long stays in the hospital for us.  Killing respiratory viruses suddenly became of the upmost importance.

When I started shopping for products to disinfect our home, I was conflicted.  I knew I needed to kill the germs that could get my son sick, however, the labels on many of the products had warnings to not use around people with heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems.  I was left with the decision, do I risk viruses in the homes, or exposure to harsh chemicals?

In 2011, when my son was born, I couldn’t find an option that killed viruses like Cold & Flu without using harmful chemicals.  We did the best that we could to provide a safe and healthy environment for our son, but I always wished it was easier.  Having a medically complex child is overwhelming enough; finding a product to clean the home, shouldn’t add to the family’s stress.

Today, there is a solution to that stress.

CleanSmart Kills 99.9% of Germs and uses No Harmful Chemicals.  As the mom of a son who still struggles with Asthma and Restrictive Lung Disease, I want to know that when I disinfect, I’m protecting my son from respiratory illnesses.  I love that CleanSmart is effective against the viruses that I worry about most like; RSV, Rhinovirus, Human Coronavirus, Pseudomonas and H1N1.  At the same time, I know that when I use CleanSmart, I (and my son) can breathe easy because there are no harsh fumes or chemical residue.

As a member of the CleanSmart team, I couldn’t be more proud to know that our products make life just a little easier for families who are constantly worried about the health of a loved one.

Tatum & Owen

Tatum & her son, Owen

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