Wearables are fun and helpful and mostly cool. But do you clean yours? Wait. What? Clean them? Yes. You have this thing on your wrist constantly; it gets sweaty during workouts, and you touch it often. Wearables collect germs due to the many touches they receive and their constant use. And that makes them smell, too. (Think about touching something in the subway and then touching your tracker. Did you see that analysis last year where they found more than 500 types of bacteria on subway surfaces? Gross.)

Cleaning your wearable is fast and easy with CleanSmart, and you barely need to take it off to do it. Just give it a spray once a day. You don’t even have to wipe it – let it air dry. Read more about this on our press release link below. Here’s to stopping germs, bacteria, and fungus – and to healthy wrists everywhere. Get some today from Amazon!

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