CleanSmart Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro!

By CleanSmart @ 4:30 pm
We recently received this note from a CleanSmart fan who made an impressive seven day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. He carried his CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer the whole way, and credits it for keeping him healthy on the trip:

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Training (both physical and altitude) along with a respected and capable guide service are keys to a successful summit.  However, even the best preparation does not guarantee success if the hiker becomes sick on the mountain.  The two most common sickness are various forms of altitude sickness, and wilderness acquired diarrhea (WAD).  Prevention methods for WAD should include good hygiene such as washing with soap and treated water, and frequent use of hand sanitizer.  I used CleanSmart throughout my seven days on the mountain and it worked, I summited Kilimanjaro and returned to the U.S. in good spirits and in great health. I highly recommend CleanSmart as part of my hiking gear list/first aid kit.

Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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