Are you or a loved one a CPAP user? They can change your life, but up to 50% of people stop using them within one year. Why? Besides being cumbersome, they are hard to clean. You are supposed to clean your mask daily, and mask and tubes weekly. That is because you naturally havePicture1 bacteria from body humidity and your mouth, and it will build up and can cause airway & skin infections. Also, a dirty mask does not perform as well – it won’t seal as well on your face when wearing.

The common CPAP cleaning process is to wash mask (headgear) and tubes with soap. (And it must be soap that is free of perfumes, moisturizers, alcohol, retinols, acids or dyes! Not easy to find.) And, since soap does not kill germs, it can only help try and wash them away, so you have to wash extremely carefully and then rinse very well. That is why it is also sometimes recommended that you soak CPAP equipment in a vinegar mix. However, the vinegar can really make your equipment smell. And all this takes a long time. And you need to do it in a completely clean sink or basin so that there is not contamination in your CPAP from your sink’s germs.

This is where CleanSmart will become your best friend. We are a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.9999% of germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus that is approved for cleaning and sanitizing external medical devices – with NO RINSING. Our technology is no rinse, no harmful chemicals, no added fragrance, and dries to zero chemical residue. So – instead of a lengthy, multi-step washing and rinsing process, or instead of paying $300 for a CPAP cleaning machine, you can use the incredible safety and convenience of CleanSmart. Remember, as you spray your face & mask pieces, CleanSmart is even approved to sanitize a newborn’s pacifier with no rinsing. That is how extraordinary this technology is.

How Use?

DAILY MASK CLEANING: Take CleanSmart 23oz. Daily Surface Cleaner or CleanSmart 16oz. Disinfectant Spray and spray the mask and mouth parts daily. (They are the exact same disinfecting solution, just different sprayers for different needs.) Let sit at least one full minute to sanitize, and then air dry. (Wipe if prefer.) Basic use instructions are also on the back of every bottle. Remember, we kill germs and leave no chemical residue! Our amazing technology dries to simple saline water.
WEEKLY TUBING CLEANING: Spray enough CleanSmart to get it down and through the tube, and move it around so it wets ALL of the tubing. The 23oz. will really be needed for this. Wait one minute, then hang over a hanger or shower rod to let the solution drip through and air dry. (If you haven’t cleaned it in a long time, or for full disinfecting, let wet tubing sit ten minutes before hanging up to dry.) You don’t have to rinse with water or wipe.
CPAP HUMIDIFIER and WATER CHAMBER: Empty, spray parts well, let sit for 1-10 minutes depending on whether it is a daily sanitization or deeper disinfecting. (Just follow bottle instructions.) Then simply empty the CleanSmart out, no drying or rinsing needed.

Product can not freeze, so if buying from Amazon in winter you must be home to receive it! It’s amazing what it does, but it is sensitive technology – so no freezing, and you cannot transfer it to other bottles. You can only use our bottles and sprayers.

TRAVEL: we sell CleanSmart in a Disinfectant-to-go which is a 2 oz bottle, in a 3-pack. They are perfect for keeping CPAPs sanitized on the road.

CleanSmart does not degrade parts, or irritate skin, or have any chemical residue or harmful chemicals at all – which of course is why it is approved to clean and disinfect so many things, from a CPAP to a humidifier to the kitchen and even kids toys and pacifiers. Truly, it is the most convenient, affordable way to clean CPAPs without a huge investment. Please explore the website to learn how and why CleanSmart works. Contact us with any questions, and of course – have a good night’s sleep.

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