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By CleanSmart @ 8:14 pm

Did you know elementary school  kids get 8-12 colds or cases of the flu every year?

With germs lurking on desks, drinking fountains, and lockers, it’s no wonder many schools turn to traditional hand sanitizers in the classroom.

However, alcohol-based sanitizers don’t always make the grade where young children are concerned. Besides irritating and stinging young skin, the high alcohol content of these products (up to 65 %)  is a cause for concern.

Accidental ingestion of alcohol-based sanitizers has sparked thousands of calls to the poison control center.  These safety concerns have caused some schools and day-care centers to ban these products in recent years.

This year, moms and teachers are putting CleanSmart products at the top of their list to protect their family and students.  CleanSmart Disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs including Cold, Flu, Strep, Staph and many other harmful germs.  And CleanSmart alcohol-free Hand Cleanser is the perfect way to reduce colds and flu without irritating or drying skin.

Read what one CleanSmart fan has to say:

“I am an elementary school teacher for students who have Autism and I have been using CleanSmart in my classroom since last year. I LOVE this product!! My students are not big fans of sanitizer with alcohol in it and they will use CleanSmart with no problems. Great stuff!! “

Thanks to all of the teachers who nourish our children each day.and best wishes for a great school year!
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