Now available at more than 230 Target stores Nationwide!

Just in time for summer picnics and travel–CleanSmart offers a new Skin and Hand Cleanser. Available only at Target!

Great for face, hands or any skin you want to wash when soap and water aren’t available. Removes dirt and sticky messes–with NO residue left behind.

Summer also means scrapes and ouchies. CleanSmart cleansers keep wounds clean to help prevent infection–without the sting!

Kid safe! CleanSmart products never contain Alcohal, BZK, or Triclosan—Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.  CleanSmart is OK to Spray on hard surfaces too. Worry-free cleaning on booster seats, park benches, and restaurant tables. Just spray and go!

Available now in the First Aid aisle at select Target stores.

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