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We reached a milestone this week with EPA approval of a new technology in the use of Hypochlorous. With this approval, everyone at CleanSmart is most excited for the many benefits that will be brought into homes. Using Hypochlorous, CleanSmart products are remarkably different from what is currently available. They kill 99.9% of germs, yet are gentle enough to spray anywhere.

This approval opens up the door for products that:

  • Do not include harsh chemicals
  • Do not require rinsing after use
  • Are food contact safe
  • Break down to saline

Yet, kills E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, MRSa, Cold & Flu, Athlete’s Foot, and many other serious bacteria. This technology will allow us to create remarkable germ killing products different from everything else on the market.

 Keep your eyes on CleanSmart’s Facebook and Twitter pages for new product announcements over the coming months.
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Minnesota will soon become the first state to ban the use of Triclosan in hygiene products. Gov. Mark Dayton signed the bill last Friday, which will effectively ban the antimicrobial by Jan. 1, 2017.

Tricsolan is found in many toothpastes, cosmetics, dishwashing liquids, and antibacterial soaps. The FDA is currently in review to test if the ingredient provides any benefits over traditional soap, as well as its overall safety. The FDA has given the industry one year to prove that it’s not harmful. Though tests are not yet definitive, Triclosan has shown to negatively affect hormones, and may contribute to the development of drug-resistant bacteria. A University of Minnesota study has also found increasing levels of Triclosan within several lakes in the state. Some companies have already begun to decrease the use of the chemical within their products.

 All CleanSmart products are proudly produced without the use of Triclosan.

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Spring cleaning can be a highly rejuvenating process. Keep reading for some creative tips to make your spring cleaning fun and effective.


Get the whole family involved! The more people cleaning, the faster it will go and the more fun you’ll have. The kids can help with tasks like organizing their rooms, cleaning low surfaces, and sweeping.


Start a donations box before you begin. Anything you come across while cleaning that you don’t use anymore, put it in the box! Organizing and decreasing the clutter first will also make for an easier cleaning.


Make it into a game by giving yourself incentives. Are you a chocolate lover? Treat yourself to a bite for every 15 minutes you clean. In the middle of a show? Take a break and watch an episode for every room you clean.


Get creative with your tools. You can use a squeegee to get water and large spills from the counter top in your kitchen or bathroom into the sink. Don’t own a duster? Use a clean paintbrush to get dust off your blinds.


Check the expiration dates of older products in your drug cabinet, bathroom, and kitchen. Spring cleaning is a great time to discard expired products.


Motivated by all this cleaning? Don’t stop with your home! Clean up your computer, your car, even yourself. A haircut, or manicure can make you feel anew.


CleanSmart Household Cleaning Products are launching Summer 2014! Stay tuned for more information on the products and where to buy in the next several weeks.
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Our very own Tatum Marinkovich is on the cover of Herlife Magazine this month! In her feature, Tatum discusses raising her son who was born 16-weeks premature, and how it led to her role at Simple Science.

Her Life Cover Photo

 Here’s a selection from the article, sharing creative uses for CleanSmart:

Tatum’s work allows her to put her expertise behind a product that she feels is truly a game changer for any family. CleanSmart helps to provide a clean and healthy environment while keeping harsh chemicals out of the equation. Here are some ways to use CleanSmart that you’d never consider with traditional disinfectants:

  •  To sanitize a pacifier, spray, wait 30 seconds, and the pacifier can go back in the baby’s mouth. CleanSmart kills cold, flu and RSV.
  •  At the end of a bath, spray down the bath toys and they’ll be germ free for the next bath. CleanSmart helps control mold and mildew, too.
  •  Your kids can help you clean, no gloves and or ventilation needed. After use, CleanSmart breaks down into simple saline and leaves no chemical residue. CleanSmart eliminates MRSA and strep.
  •  When cooking raw meat, spray knives and cutting board and you don’t need to rinse again. CleanSmart destroys listeria, salmonella, and E. Coli.
  •  If CleanSmart gets on the food during preparation, it’s okay. Many grocery stores use the same active ingredient to keep product fresh.

Disinfectant products are heavily regulated by the EPA, and all statement made by Simple Science about the CleanSmart line have been substantiated by outside testing laboratories and approved by the EPA.

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