Why Hand Sanitizers Stay the Same

By CleanSmart @ 10:01 pm

Hand Sanitizer Bottle

There are two major challenges that stand in the way of launching an entirely new hand sanitizer. The first is the necessary investment in time and resources to create a new product. The second is the large monetary investment needed to approve and launch the product. With both of these challenges, the outcome is uncertain. There is always a risk that the chemistry will not succeed as hoped or that the product will fall short in the approval process. Because of this, most hand sanitizers have been produced with the same active ingredient for over fifty years: alcohol.

Alcohol based sanitizers are effective in doing exactly what they claim: they kill germs. Unfortunately these products also carry adverse side effects. They cause irritation to hands including drying and stinging to cuts and open sores. They can also be dangerous to kids whose hands spend a lot of time in their mouth. To combat the downsides of alcohol, some companies have used BZK as an active ingredient. Unfortunately, BZK also irritates skin and is the number one cause of dermatitis to the hands. Even with these downsides, both are already approved for use within hand sanitizers. As a result, they have been hand sanitizer’s easiest and most cost effective active ingredients.

Our founders saw the need for a product without the risks of what was readily available. Through a multi-million dollar investment over several years, we were fortunate enough to overcome the two major hurdles faced by all companies. Our goal with CleanSmart is not to eradicate alcohol-based hand sanitizers. For some, the disadvantages of the products are not a concern. Our goal is to give people a choice. We believe you should have access to a santizer without the fear that its use could cause any amount of harm to you or your family.

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