Alcohol based hand sanitizers are effective and convenient and for a long time have been the best alternative when hand washing isn’t available.  However, there are also many drawbacks to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

For one, they burn and sting sensitive skin and open wounds and dry out your hands.  Many brands market that they add moisturizer, but it never seems to be enough; the alcohol is too harsh on skin.

Another drawback to alcohol products is safety.  Whether labeled alcohol or ethanol, it’s the same alcohol that’s used in liquor.  Hand sanitizers are typically made from 60-65% alcohol; that’s 120-130 proof.  A typical 8 oz bottle of hand sanitizer is the equivalent of 5 shots of hard liquor.  Each year, poison control centers receive thousands of calls for accidental ingestion of hand sanitizers, with most of the incidents being for kids under six.  It’s for this reason that alcohol hand sanitizers are not recommended for babies and young children who put their hands in their mouth and many day cares and schools are banning these products.

CleanSmart alcohol free hand sanitizers are a better alternative without the adverse side effects of using alcohol.  

Unlike alcohol, Cleansmart does not dry out skin and it’s safe enough for the whole family to use.  There is no stinging or ouchies on sensitive skin.  Instead of irritating open wounds, there are natural healing attributes to hypochlorous acid.  In addition, it’s Dermatologist and Pediatrician approved safe for the whole family.  While we’d never suggest drinking the solution, if it is accidentally ingested, there are no health risks.

Here are some other reasons you’re going to love CleanSmart products:

•    Safe enough to use on infants & toddlers.  CleanSmart products never contain Triclosan, BZK or Alcohol.
•    No strong odors! Clean Smart is virtually fragrance free.
•    CleanSmart products are always Hypoallergenic and are gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and hands with open sores.
•    Thoughtfully manufactured in Minnesota with the environment in mind.

When you don’t have access to soap and water, rest assured with CleanSmart.

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