Are you or a loved one a CPAP user? They can change your life, but up to 50% of people stop using them within one year. Why? Besides being cumbersome, they are hard to clean. You are supposed to clean your mask daily, and mask and tubes weekly. That is because you naturally havePicture1 bacteria from body humidity and your mouth, and it will build up and can cause airway & skin infections. Also, a dirty mask does not perform as well – it won’t seal as well on your face when wearing.

The common CPAP cleaning process is to wash mask (headgear) and tubes with soap. (And it must be soap that is free of perfumes, moisturizers, alcohol, retinols, acids or dyes! Not easy to find.) And, since soap does not kill germs, it can only help try and wash them away, so you have to wash extremely carefully and then rinse very well. That is why it is also sometimes recommended that you soak CPAP equipment in a vinegar mix. However, the vinegar can really make your equipment smell. And all this takes a long time. And you need to do it in a completely clean sink or basin so that there is not contamination in your CPAP from your sink’s germs.

This is where CleanSmart will become your best friend. We are a hospital-grade disinfectant that kills 99.9999% of germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus that is approved for cleaning and sanitizing external medical devices – with NO RINSING. Our technology is no rinse, no harmful chemicals, no added fragrance, and dries to zero chemical residue. So – instead of a lengthy, multi-step washing and rinsing process, or instead of paying $300 for a CPAP cleaning machine, you can use the incredible safety and convenience of CleanSmart. Remember, as you spray your face & mask pieces, CleanSmart is even approved to sanitize a newborn’s pacifier with no rinsing. That is how extraordinary this technology is.

How Use?

DAILY MASK CLEANING: Take CleanSmart 23oz. Daily Surface Cleaner or CleanSmart 16oz. Disinfectant Spray and spray the mask and mouth parts daily. (They are the exact same disinfecting solution, just different sprayers for different needs.) Let sit at least one full minute to sanitize, and then air dry. (Wipe if prefer.) Basic use instructions are also on the back of every bottle. Remember, we kill germs and leave no chemical residue! Our amazing technology dries to simple saline water.
WEEKLY TUBING CLEANING: Spray enough CleanSmart to get it down and through the tube, and move it around so it wets ALL of the tubing. The 23oz. will really be needed for this. Wait one minute, then hang over a hanger or shower rod to let the solution drip through and air dry. (If you haven’t cleaned it in a long time, or for full disinfecting, let wet tubing sit ten minutes before hanging up to dry.) You don’t have to rinse with water or wipe.
CPAP HUMIDIFIER and WATER CHAMBER: Empty, spray parts well, let sit for 1-10 minutes depending on whether it is a daily sanitization or deeper disinfecting. (Just follow bottle instructions.) Then simply empty the CleanSmart out, no drying or rinsing needed.

Product can not freeze, so if buying from Amazon in winter you must be home to receive it! It’s amazing what it does, but it is sensitive technology – so no freezing, and you cannot transfer it to other bottles. You can only use our bottles and sprayers.

TRAVEL: we sell CleanSmart in a Disinfectant-to-go which is a 2 oz bottle, in a 3-pack. They are perfect for keeping CPAPs sanitized on the road.

CleanSmart does not degrade parts, or irritate skin, or have any chemical residue or harmful chemicals at all – which of course is why it is approved to clean and disinfect so many things, from a CPAP to a humidifier to the kitchen and even kids toys and pacifiers. Truly, it is the most convenient, affordable way to clean CPAPs without a huge investment. Please explore the website to learn how and why CleanSmart works. Contact us with any questions, and of course – have a good night’s sleep.

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Wearables are fun and helpful and mostly cool. But do you clean yours? Wait. What? Clean them? Yes. You have this thing on your wrist constantly; it gets sweaty during workouts, and you touch it often. Wearables collect germs due to the many touches they receive and their constant use. And that makes them smell, too. (Think about touching something in the subway and then touching your tracker. Did you see that analysis last year where they found more than 500 types of bacteria on subway surfaces? Gross.)

Cleaning your wearable is fast and easy with CleanSmart, and you barely need to take it off to do it. Just give it a spray once a day. You don’t even have to wipe it – let it air dry. Read more about this on our press release link below. Here’s to stopping germs, bacteria, and fungus – and to healthy wrists everywhere. Get some today from Amazon!

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Back to School Savings

By CleanSmart @ 8:14 pm

Did you know elementary school  kids get 8-12 colds or cases of the flu every year?

With germs lurking on desks, drinking fountains, and lockers, it’s no wonder many schools turn to traditional hand sanitizers in the classroom.

However, alcohol-based sanitizers don’t always make the grade where young children are concerned. Besides irritating and stinging young skin, the high alcohol content of these products (up to 65 %)  is a cause for concern.

Accidental ingestion of alcohol-based sanitizers has sparked thousands of calls to the poison control center.  These safety concerns have caused some schools and day-care centers to ban these products in recent years.

This year, moms and teachers are putting CleanSmart products at the top of their list to protect their family and students.  CleanSmart Disinfectants kill 99.9% of germs including Cold, Flu, Strep, Staph and many other harmful germs.  And CleanSmart alcohol-free Hand Cleanser is the perfect way to reduce colds and flu without irritating or drying skin.

Read what one CleanSmart fan has to say:

“I am an elementary school teacher for students who have Autism and I have been using CleanSmart in my classroom since last year. I LOVE this product!! My students are not big fans of sanitizer with alcohol in it and they will use CleanSmart with no problems. Great stuff!! “

Thanks to all of the teachers who nourish our children each day.and best wishes for a great school year!
Save $1.00  on any CleanSmart product (8 oz or larger). Click the image below to print!   Click here to find a retailer near you: Store Finder


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Now available at more than 230 Target stores Nationwide!

Just in time for summer picnics and travel–CleanSmart offers a new Skin and Hand Cleanser. Available only at Target!

Great for face, hands or any skin you want to wash when soap and water aren’t available. Removes dirt and sticky messes–with NO residue left behind.

Summer also means scrapes and ouchies. CleanSmart cleansers keep wounds clean to help prevent infection–without the sting!

Kid safe! CleanSmart products never contain Alcohal, BZK, or Triclosan—Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.  CleanSmart is OK to Spray on hard surfaces too. Worry-free cleaning on booster seats, park benches, and restaurant tables. Just spray and go!

Available now in the First Aid aisle at select Target stores.

Click here to find a store nearest to you:












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Cold & Flu Mid-Season Update

By CleanSmart @ 5:09 pm

Season Update

With flu activity typically peaking every year between December and February, here’s an update on the year’s cold and flu season. The dominant flu strain has turned out to be H3N2. Unfortunately this is one that public health officials were not expecting to be very common. As such, the flu vaccine didn’t contain the strain. By late December, half the country was experiencing high flu rates. Flu activity is continuing, and expected to rise in places that haven’t been hit as hard this year. So far, most of the northeast and west have had the mildest season.

How to Stay Healthy

Though the flu shot isn’t as effective as in past years, the CDC is still recommending it for anyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccine. Everyday actions such as washing hands regularly and staying away from anyone who’s sick are also recommended. In addition to living on our hands, cold viruses have been proven to live on surfaces for over seven days and flu viruses for 24 hours. Disinfecting products should be used to kill these viruses and help stop the spread of illness.

Lastly, make sure to stay home if you are sick and see your doctor about taking antiviral drugs, which can be used to reduce the severity of illness. These drugs work best if taken within 48 hours of getting sick, though can still help further into an illness.

CleanSmart Disinfecting products kill 99.9% of germs, without using any harmful chemicals. Kill germs on surfaces while on the go with CleanSmart 2 oz. Disinfectant Spray.


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What is Chemical Residue?

By CleanSmart @ 1:00 pm


Have you ever gone to a restaurant and sat down at a table that was sticky? It probably felt like it was the result of the table not being cleaned. This stickiness however is a direct result of the table being cleaned, and it’s created by something called chemical residue.

Chemical residue is what’s left on a surface after being cleaned with certain chemicals, and can form as the result of improper wiping. Some cleaning products that leave a residue work by attracting dirt, unfortunately this causes their residues to also act as an adhesive afterwards. Particles are attracted to this, as what’s left on the surface is a great food source for them. These microbes will cause the surface to remain contaminated, which requires further cleaning.

How dangerous this is depends on how toxic the chemical used to clean is. A more toxic chemical will leave a more toxic residue. This can be especially impactful on young children. If eating directly from a high chair platter cleaned with a chemical that leaves a residue, they could be consuming some of it. Residues can also become airborne, which is particularly dangerous for people with asthma or sensitivities to chemicals.

Fortunately, all CleanSmart disinfectants are EPA approved as chemical residue free while killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Instead, CleanSmart household disinfectants and nursery care products break down into a simple saline solution after disinfecting.

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One of the best things about the CleanSmart team is the passion that every single employee brings to the office every day.  We have different backgrounds and different reasons for believing in CleanSmart, but the constant is that we all believe in the importance of eliminating the use of harmful chemicals when disinfecting.  One of those perspectives is our Director of Marketing, Tatum Marinkovich’s.  Today, on World Prematurity day, she shares what CleanSmart means to her as a mom to a son who was born nearly 4 months premature and continues to struggle w/ chronic lung disease.

I didn’t always think about how I killed germs.  I was thoughtful about which products I brought into my home, however, because everyone in my immediate family and friends enjoyed good health, disinfecting wasn’t my focus when I cleaned my home.

When my son was born weighing 1 lb 12 oz and came home on oxygen after 6 months in the NICU, the products I used to clean my home suddenly became very important.  Having a child with chronic lung disease in the house, meant that a minor cold for most people, meant long stays in the hospital for us.  Killing respiratory viruses suddenly became of the upmost importance.

When I started shopping for products to disinfect our home, I was conflicted.  I knew I needed to kill the germs that could get my son sick, however, the labels on many of the products had warnings to not use around people with heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems.  I was left with the decision, do I risk viruses in the homes, or exposure to harsh chemicals?

In 2011, when my son was born, I couldn’t find an option that killed viruses like Cold & Flu without using harmful chemicals.  We did the best that we could to provide a safe and healthy environment for our son, but I always wished it was easier.  Having a medically complex child is overwhelming enough; finding a product to clean the home, shouldn’t add to the family’s stress.

Today, there is a solution to that stress.

CleanSmart Kills 99.9% of Germs and uses No Harmful Chemicals.  As the mom of a son who still struggles with Asthma and Restrictive Lung Disease, I want to know that when I disinfect, I’m protecting my son from respiratory illnesses.  I love that CleanSmart is effective against the viruses that I worry about most like; RSV, Rhinovirus, Human Coronavirus, Pseudomonas and H1N1.  At the same time, I know that when I use CleanSmart, I (and my son) can breathe easy because there are no harsh fumes or chemical residue.

As a member of the CleanSmart team, I couldn’t be more proud to know that our products make life just a little easier for families who are constantly worried about the health of a loved one.

Tatum & Owen

Tatum & her son, Owen

Do you want to share your story on why CleanSmart matters to you?  We’d love to hear from you.

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Announcement of CleanSmart Hand Cleanser Available at Minnesota Target Stores

We’re very excited to announce that this week, CleanSmart Alcohol Free 8 oz Hand Cleanser Spray is now available in Minnesota Target locations! You can find CleanSmart in 29 stores throughout the state. If our hand cleanser is not in your location, tell them you’d love to see it next time you’re there! The full list of stores is below, and you can get more information on each location in our Store Finder.


5537 W Broadway Ave

Apple Valley

15150 Cedar Ave

Cottage Grove

8655 E Point Douglas Rd S


4175 Vinewood Ln N

Vadnais Heights

975 County Road E


8600 Springbrook Dr NW


851 W 78th St


2021 Market Dr

Minneapolis Northeast

1650 New Brighton Blvd

North St. Paul

2199 Hwy 36 E

Forest Lake

356 12th St SW


875 General Sieben Dr


1685 17th Ave E

Minneapolis Nicollet Mall

900 Nicollet Mall

Lino Lakes

749 Apollo Dr


21615 S Diamond Lake Rd


18275 Kenrick Ave

Red Wing

151 Tyler Rd N


11990 Business Park Blvd N


1500 109th Ave NE


14333 Hwy 13


7900 32nd St N

St. Paul Midway

1300 University Ave W


6445 Richfield Pkwy


7000 York Ave S


810 County Road 42 W


875 E Main St


15800 87th St NE

Inver Grove Heights

7841 Amana Trail


Ebola has been top of mind for all of us over the last couple of months. Most important right now is how to minimize the spread of the disease and how to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) earlier this summer published a list of recommendations for hospitals with suspected and confirmed patients with the disease to follow. These suggestions are filled with good advice for us to follow in our own lives to stay healthy.

First, it’s important to know that there is currently no disinfectant that the EPA approved to claim it kills Ebola.  However, the CDC knows enough about viruses to be able to recommend which types of disinfectants are going to perform best against a virus like Ebola.

With that knowledge, it’s the CDCs recommendation that in the case of suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola it is best to use disinfectants proven to kill non-enveloped viruses for disinfecting. Non-enveloped viruses are more resistant to disinfectants, or in other words, can be harder to kill than enveloped viruses.

The good news is, Ebola is a an enveloped virus, so it does not fall into a category of being resistant to disinfectants.  However, due to the high risks associated with Ebola, the CDC is suggesting that it’s best to use disinfectants that are proven to kill both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

When used as directed, CleanSmart household and nursery disinfectants and cleaners are effective against both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces.


Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Type 1

Influenza A (H1N1)

Human Coronavirus

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


Rhinovirus Type 37

To learn more about viruses and how they differ from the other types of germs, click Here.

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CleanSmart Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro!

By CleanSmart @ 4:30 pm
We recently received this note from a CleanSmart fan who made an impressive seven day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. He carried his CleanSmart Hand Sanitizer the whole way, and credits it for keeping him healthy on the trip:

tanzania1 tanzania2

Training (both physical and altitude) along with a respected and capable guide service are keys to a successful summit.  However, even the best preparation does not guarantee success if the hiker becomes sick on the mountain.  The two most common sickness are various forms of altitude sickness, and wilderness acquired diarrhea (WAD).  Prevention methods for WAD should include good hygiene such as washing with soap and treated water, and frequent use of hand sanitizer.  I used CleanSmart throughout my seven days on the mountain and it worked, I summited Kilimanjaro and returned to the U.S. in good spirits and in great health. I highly recommend CleanSmart as part of my hiking gear list/first aid kit.

Thanks for sharing, Mike!

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