Nature’s Perfect Germ Killer:
We believe keeping your family safe shouldn’t mean exposing them to toxic chemicals.

It is our goal to revolutionize the way germs are killed. Never again will you have to choose between Safe and Powerful products. CleanSmart products with Nature’s Perfect Germ Killer do both. We want you to feel good about the products you use around your family and finally, you can. Nature’s Perfect Germ Killer, Hypochlorous, kills the germs that get you sick and does not compromise your safety with harsh chemicals.

Naturally produced by our own bodies to fight viruses and bacteria. CleanSmart has replicated Hypochlorous using simple, safe ingredients and really smart science.

Hypochlorous is the only non-toxic germ killer that destroys the viruses, bacteria and pathogens that can harm your family.

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CPAP Cleaning Made Easy!
CPAP Cleaner
No Sink, No Soap, No Chemical Residue!

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The Science Behind
Science Behind
CleanSmart's Hypochlorous based products kill germs using simple ingredients and really smart science.

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Founder Mission
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