Nursery Care

Kills 99.9% of Germs
with No Rinse Required,
No Harmful Chemicals.

For years when moms wanted to sanitize or disinfect, they had to
use harmful chemicals that came with scary warning labels, or had to
boil toys and pacifiers. Finally, you have a new choice that has no harmful chemicals and is proven to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses! Especially the scary ones we need to protect kids from like RSV, Strep, Flu, and E. coli.

  • Nursery & High Chair cleaner cleans and sanitizes anywhere, especially high chairs and places kids eat. Great for sippy cups and the tub – all with no rinse needed. Just spray to sanitize, and wipe after if preferred. All CleanSmart is food surface contact safe.
  • Pacifier Sanitizer is the only Pacifier Sanitizer spray in the U.S. (parents note: pacifier wipes don’t kill germs, but we do.) Just spray, wait: 60 seconds, give back. No rinse or wipe needed!
  • Toy Disinfectant makes every playdate easier! Just spray to kill germs that could make your children sick. Great for everyday sanitizing with teething babies and after sick children.

Worry-free for parents: CleanSmart products are even approved for use in hospital neo-natal units, around the most fragile of babies. We use only Hypochlorous, (the same electrolyzed salt water naturally produced in all babies’ bodies), to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and yet it is just saline water after it works – and nothing else. No harmful chemicals, no harmful chemical preservatives. Know that you’re giving your baby the best, smartest way to clean when you use CleanSmart in your home.


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  • Daily Use

    "I love this stuff. I use it daily, sometimes multiple times per day, to clean the highchair tray. I've also used it on all the toys and play surfaces after bouts of illness. It works great!"
    - Amazon Customer
  • Mom-approved

    “I have been using this product for over a year. I have a child with cystic fibrosis and this product helps me keep my son safe from harsh chemicals, fumes, asthma triggers and of course everyone's cooties!”
    - CF Mom, Amazon
  • Stop the Spread of Illness

    "I am in love with this! I have a 9-month-old and a 2.5 year old who went through a period of passing germs back and forth. When I brought this and sprayed everything down, it cut down on the sicknesses almost instantly. This is a must have for us now."
    - JB, Amazon Customer
  • Easy Cleaning

    "This has been a perfect solution, and we feel good that it's providing an all-natural solution to keeping the hard plastic/battery-operated toys clean!"
    - LC, Amazon Customer
  • Spray at Snacktime!

    “I use the high chair Cleaner everywhere in my kitchen. I love that can spray it directly on my kids’ high chair trays WHILE they are eating! I don’t worry that they are dragging their hands through icky chemicals. Works great!!”
    - TwinMom, online shopper
  • Double Trouble!

    “As a mother of twin girls who drop their pacifiers often, this product has been a great help in the battle of germs. My girls go to daycare and this is great to lightly spray their hands afterwards. I keep a bottle of this in our living room and one in their diaper bag.”
    - Jennifer L, Amazon
  • Great Value!

    “I purchased the (competitor) pacifier wipes as well but this product is more bang for your buck. Lasts forever! Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.”
    - Mila’s mom, Babies R Us shopper
  • No Rinse, No Boil!

    “I absolutely love this product! It is a must have for anyone who has to clean and sanitizer pacifiers. It is so simple and easy to use, you just spray it on and let it air dry or wipe it dry. No need to rinse off, no need to boil the pacifiers.”
    - Nina B., Babies R Us shopper

CleanSmart provides rinse-free germ killing on everything important to your little one. Spray fearlessly on:

Pacifiers Toys
Kitchen Tools High Chairs

Get Creative With Your CleanSmart

At the end of baths, spray down bath toys and they will be germ-free for next time.   When preparing meals, spray knives and cutting board — no need to rinse again.   While on the go, bring a travel sized spray to kill germs on public surfaces.

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How You Can Trust These Claims

Disinfectant products are heavily regulated, and all statements about the CleanSmart line have
been tested by outside testing laboratories and registered with the EPA.

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The Science Behind
Science Behind
CleanSmart's Hypochlorous based products kill germs using simple ingredients and really smart science.

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